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Walking Your Dog Helps To Save On Vet Bills

Walking Your Dog Helps To Save On Vet Bills

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, roughly 36.5% of households own a dog. That means that more than 43 million households have a dog that they take care of. With nearly 70 million dogs in the country, it is no wonder that Americans love their furry companions but owning a dog doesn’t come without its challenges.

Companion animals like dogs have been shown to provide a range of positive effects on their owners. Along with increasing levels of happiness and feelings of relatedness, dogs have proven again and again to boost mood and provide structure to the day.

However, one of the greatest benefits of dogs comes from setting up a daily walk to enjoy their company. To keep them active, make sure to use a good joint supplement like Ruff Hero Glucosamine Chondroitin for dogs which is also loaded with many organic ingredients to help with mobility and even canine arthritis.

Let’s take a moment to review 5 reasons why taking your dog for a walk is a great form of exercise.

The Importance Of Aerobic Exercise For Your Body

Type II Diabetes is but one of many diseases that can be caused by living a sedentary lifestyle. Creating countless medical complications, it affects the quality of life and can even lead to an early death. As more than 3 out of every 5 adults are overweight in the United States, having an excuse to move around can be incredibly beneficial. Small amounts of daily exercise, like walking a dog, can provide the necessary movement your body needs to maintain its health.

Walking Your Dog
Walk Your Dog Frequently

Walking a dog typically requires between 10 to 20 minutes of time. During that time, you are engaged, your heart rate is elevated, and you are participating in aerobic exercise and training your dog. Even if it is only done once a day, this small amount of exercise can help keep your body on the right track, reducing the increased risk for disease and medical complications that typically come with a sedentary lifestyle. Improving your energy and strengthening your muscles, a daily walk can be the best way to ensure your continued health.

A Great Way To Kick Off A Workout

Creating a workout and putting time aside to exercise is incredibly challenging. The average person is already really busy. Between work, sleep, friends and personal time, finding that extra time to train can be really challenging. That is where our canine friends come in. Simply put, having a dog is a great way to work in the responsibilities of pet ownership with a busy active lifestyle.

For everyone except those with a backyard, walking your dog every day is a must. So why not extend the walk and make it into a workout? You can walk for 30+ minutes and maintain a quicker pace. Doing so will get your heart rate even higher and provide better exercise for your body. Because a dog needs to go out, you will have all the motivation you need to get into the exercise spirit.

An Invaluable Tool In Creating A Routine

We hinted at this above. An incredible challenge for many looking to gain muscles or shed pounds with weight loss is creating a routine that they can stick to. A dog is an ultimate routine. Taking them for a walk for their own sake, many people find it easier to use their dog as an excuse to be healthy, working hard to provide for the pet they love. Taking your dog for a walk is among the best forms of exercise because the routine guarantees that you continue doing it. Improving your health and strengthening your muscles comes from maintaining an exercise routine that dogs are keen to continue. In days that you are less motivated, your dog will provide you with the push you need to get out the door.

Simple Tool For Helping With Weight Loss

Repetition and routine lead to stronger muscles that support faster dogs. It also leads to weight loss. For many, keeping the weight off is a struggle. The key to weight loss is a healthy diet, along with an active fitness lifestyle. You don’t have to be serious about weight loss to actually lose weight. An increase in your fitness along with healthy eating can help reduce either weight gain or reduce your weight / fat altogether.

Each bit of exercise counts, even if you are only burning small amounts of calorie at a time. In addition, if you are serious about weight loss then, first, start by creating a diet plan. Second, dedicate yourself to it, third, get into a regular exercise pattern and finally research the different weight loss supplements that can promote your health/fitness goals.

Bonding With Your Dog Time

Exercise does many things. It strengthens our bodies, makes us better at fighting off injury and disease, and even toughens our resolve. Exercise has also been shown to improve our mental condition, often being a powerful aid in battling things like depression and anxiety. Exercising with your dog can double down on the positive psychological benefits, providing you with a lifting emotional experience, every time you spend energy to go for a walk.

In addition, it is a fantastic opportunity to bond with your dog. As dogs increasingly become a part of the family across the world, walking dogs is a great way to let your dog be in their element. Improving both you and your dog’s general health and outlook on life.

Final Considerations
There are many different ways to stay in shape and be healthy. Taking your dog for a walk is a great form of exercise because it helps to establish a routine, helps you participate in aerobic activity, provides a useful function for your dog, and can lead to bonding and an improved emotional state. Don’t forget diet is also part of a balanced dog, fruits rich in nutrients give dogs the extra energy they need to perform well. Dogs can eat avocado, papaya, and many other nutritional fruits.

Research has shown that dog ownership can result in a better quality of life when the owner takes more of a role in the life of their pet. Going for walks is a key part of this, providing opportunities for pet and owner alike, to benefit.

If you are not sure where to begin, then consider morning and evening walks. Be aware that younger dogs may require more frequent potty breaks. You can use these walks to better train your dog, making them a fantastic companion as you work towards whatever exercise, body, energy, muscle, or weight loss goals that you have. In the meantime, best of luck and I look forward to seeing you outside with your pet!